Slo-Mo Booth

We did it! We filmed our first Slo-Mo Booth!

One day, when Brody and I were interneting like we usually do, we stumbled upon a Slo-Mo Booth shot with a Red Epic at a wedding reception. We absolutely loved it! It was something fun, creative and a good way for us to fill in time we usually have to kill at receptions. We decided to try it out, and while we didn’t quite have $30,000 for a Red Epic, we found a much cheaper alternative - the GoPro. Here’s how it turned out.

Here are a few things we found out about the Slo-Mo Booth

  1. It’s A LOT of fun!
  2. No matter how many drop cloths you lay down, glitter will be everywhere.
  3. Having it open during the dance made it easier to get people to move.
  4. We need a lot of light, and therefore, a lot of electricity.
  5. Kids will come just for a free balloon.
  6. It’s just so much fun.

The Slo-Mo Booth is a great feature not just for wedding receptions, but for parties, banquets, socials and grads. It’s basically a photobooth, but way more fun! And yes, we do take bookings for non wedding events.

If you would like to have a Slo-Mo booth at your wedding or event, fill out one of our contact forms or email

We also want to say a HUGE thanks to Matt & Kristi for letting us try out our new idea at their wedding. I don’t think it could have been better!

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June 14, 2014