You've got the bling

and now you have what seems like a million decisions to make. “When’s the date? What color should I choose? Who will be my bridesmaids? Who do we invite to the wedding? Is it too late to elope?”

I’m not able to help with the all your questions (except that eloping should always be an option haha) but I am able to help guide you through the ‘Should we have our wedding filmed’ question.

A bride and groom kiss

Off the bat, I will say that I’ve never heard anyone ever regret the money they spent on both pictures or video. I, however, can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people say they wished they would have spent more money on their photos or hired a cinematographer It’s worth the investment. No one will remember if you got the nice white chairs at your wedding but you might not remember your vows if you don’t have your wedding filmed.

How to Choose a Cinematographer

I’ve come up with 3 simple steps to help you find a cinematographer that is perfect for you and your wedding.

1. Personal Value

How much does your wedding video mean to you? Is it a neat add on that you’d like to put on Facebook or do you see it being a more of a treasure, where every moment is captured? Talk with your spouse-to-be and decide what you’d like to spend on your wedding film. Once you have a budget in place, it will be much easier to find what you’re looking for!


2. Cinematography Style

Just like any type of artform, cinematography greatly varies in style. Rhyme & Rhythm has what I would describe as an ‘Unseen Story’ style. Unseen describes the way we shoot. We shoot as the day unfolds, very rarely do we set up a shot. We also never have any one look at the camera, to give the illusion that we were an invisible presence at the celebration. We are also very audio based which helps us tell the couple’s story. I firmly believe in the power and sincerity of the vows, so I make sure to put them in every film I edit. Watch some films from different vendors and watch how they shoot. You’ll soon find out what you prefer. How long are their videos? (short form, highlight, full length) Are the events in order? (document style) Do they ever have the subjects talk to the camera? (interview style) Is there audio or is it more like a music video? (story style vs recap style)

A newly-married couple

3. Meet the Vendors

I cannot stress this point enough. Let’s say you found a cinematographer whose work and price you like. You’re good to go, right? No, not even close. The most overlooked part in hiring a vendor, especially one that has a lot of responsibility is compatibility. Remember, you have to spend your wedding day with them. Meet with them, find out if they are a good fit to hang out with you and your closest friends and family on your most important day. A good feeling to have is trust. At the end of the meeting, if your feet are as cold as your last sip of coffee, don’t hire them. It’s not worth it. I always ask to meet with my clients as soon as I can for this very reason. Trust is huge and it goes both ways.

Wedding Photograph

That concludes my post for today! From Brody and I, congratuations to all those who got engaged over the holidays! As you go through this season of planning, remember to get ready for your marriage and not just your wedding, for that’s the greatest gift you’ll receive from that day.

<3 Kayla & Brody

Kayla and Brody

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