Brianne & Clinton

Dauphin has a special place in my heart. We filmed our first weddings there in 2016 and just fell in love with the small town, live life large feel. Remember Kelsy & Daniel’s film? Brianne and Clinton are good friends of these two so when Brianne first emailed, I knew exactly how amazing her and Clinton’s wedding would be!

Brianne & Clinton are opposites of sorts in personality, but in attitude, they are cut from the same cloth. They both love a challenge, adventure and the opportunity to learn something new. In their years together, they have shared their hobbies and interests and have grown a deep companionship.

The highlight of the wedding was Bri’s great aunt’s speech. Due to weather (hello snow in September), her ceremony speech was pushed back to the reception. I’m so glad we still got to hear from this witty woman. Her speech is woven throughout this film as she touches on the joys and trials in marriage.

Brianne & Clinton, thank you so much for having us out! We highly anticipated your day and it was everything we hoped for! We hope this film is everything you dreamed of :)



Hanna Devos

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