Cali & Richard

One word. Amazing. I did not realize that when you work with Rhyme and Rhythm, you’re not just getting a video - you’re also getting companionship and encouragement throughout your special day. Richard and I did not have to worry about a single thing - the team, and our lovely photographer, made sure we were always where we needed to be, and when we needed to be. Consistently making sure we weren’t thirsty, hungry, tired, or wanting a break. On top of it all, we get a video that documents each aspect of our wedding day, and how beautiful it is! Would encourage every single person to have a video made of their special day - it brings you back to that moment where you committed yourself to each other, and it serves as a great reminder of said commitment through life’s struggles - also, you feel like you’re in a music video, which is pretty cool. Another huge bonus, I made a great friend in Kayla.

I remember sitting down with Cali & her mom last year, dreaming about this day. By the time we said goodbye all three of us had tears in our eyes and great anticipation for the day Cali would marry Richard.

There’s just something about these two.

This film challenged our editing styles and we were able to for the first time, put the each of their full vows, start to finish, in the edit. Each kiss, each word, each look was rich with emotion. You’ll get drawn in by the fierce love Cali & Rich have for each other. Many tears were shed in the making of this film.

I could go on about them and this day, but I’ll let you just hit play and watch the day unfold. What an honour to film this wedding. Cali & Richard, thank you for the privilege of sharing your story. We stand behind you as a couple and are looking forward to see what God has in store for your marriage.



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