Anna & George

A perfect harmony and natural connection from the beginning. We truly appreciated the professional yet relational connection that was formed early on. You took the time to understand us as a couple and what aspects of our big day was most important to capture. Videography on our wedding day was seamless. Kayla and Dale captured all our beautiful moments from a quiet distance and prompted us for select shots when only when needed. They fit into our day effortlessly and we felt they celebrated our love story with us. We are truly so happy with our video and all the emotions it captures. We get butterflies every time we watch it.

George and Anna are some of the best people you will meet. Kind, smart, fun and fun loving. Both of their smiles light up a room. I first met them over Zoom and we instantly connected. I knew this day was going to be something special. I didn’t realize just how incredible it was going to be. From the Coptic Orthodox ceremony steeped in tradition to the stunning backdrop the Canadian Museum of Human Rights gave us; everything was perfect.

The best part was seeing George & Anna with their wedding party, family and guests. It’s easy to see how loved this couple is and how important these people are to them. Like Anna’s dad said in his speech, “You just feel in your heart that there’s something really right about this.” George and Anna belong together.



Canadian Museum of Human Rights


Sarah Olsen Photography

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