Courtney & Dylan

We were in a unique situation where our engagement was pre-pandemic (2019), our original wedding date mid-pandemic (2021) and actual wedding date in a window that allowed us to have the wedding we imagined (2022). From our initial meeting at a coffee shop to discuss videography, our story, and our expectations to the many back and forth e-mails, some more emotional than others while navigating the unknowns, Kayla was supportive, kind, and so very compassionate. Her skill in her art is amazing. When we received our film, it felt as though we were watching a preview to a movie starring us and our love. We could feel our love and our laughter jumping through the screen and immediately bringing us back to where we were in that moment. Anyone who asks me if “having a videographer is worth it” while planning their own event, my answer will always be “yes yes yes, a million times yes!”

A beaming Courtney walked up to her groom, trying her best not to run. Dylan heard his bride approaching and with a grin, he softly said, “Hey Buddy” before turning around to look at his soon-to-be wife.

I feel like that moment perfectly encapsulated who they are; best of friends. It’s easy to see the joy they have when in each other’s presence. Their wedding day was full of laughter, twinkling eyes and celebration. They waited a long time for this day to arrive and they intended to soak in every minute of it.

Thank you so much, Courtney & Dylan for having us a part of your day. We felt a part of your celebration and definitely weren’t sad about eating pizza all day!


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