Danielle & Jeff

Imagine meeting your soul mate at the age of seven, secretly holding hands in the hallway, and having the privilege of growing up together. For Danielle & Jeff, this isn’t so much a thought but a very real story; their own love story.

Our couple grew up a few miles a part near Somerset, MB where they went to school together. From a young age, they were already crushing on each other. They started dating at the age of thirteen and almost 12 years later, we got to witness these two say “I do” and commit to continue to grow together.

It’s such a rare story, such a beautiful story that I’ve spent lots of time thinking about. How deep, how strong Danielle & Jeff’s love must be; they’ve already spent half their lives together. When they are together, you can feel the security of their love and the depths of their friendship. It was such an honour to celebrate with them on such a long anticipated day!

Thanks Danielle & Jeff for having us out, and treating us like old friends. You got to grow up together, and now you grow old together.


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