Alisha & Connor


We loved working with you guys! For our pre wedding meeting to making us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, to receiving our beautiful film, everything was perfect! We loved how the entire photography and videography team worked together on our day! It made us so happy, we had the dream team!!!

Alisha and Connor are young love; highschool sweethearts who first met in kindergarten. Alisha is determined, goal oriented paired with a sweet and thoughtful personality. Connor is lighthearted, fun-loving and tends to make friends wherever he goes. While their personalities are different, their values of work ethic, caring for others and faith ground them.

While weddings are quite similar if you break them down, I find that each couple still finds a way to make a moment or a memory unique to them. For Alisha and Connor, that moment happened at their ceremony when they had a former teacher, Mr. Loeppky, share the message. This was quite special for me as well as I, like many in attendance, once had Mr. Loeppky for a teacher too.

We finished off the day at Gables, one of my favourite venues, and our couple surprised us with a choreographed first dance complete with dramatic dips and sweeping lifts. They were smiles all day and I couldn’t be happier to see them married <3


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