Jenna & Mike - Part Two

This is part two to Jenna & Mike’s Same Day Edit as we weren’t able to include the speeches or dance into the first film.

What I love about receptions is hearing from the couple’s closest family and friends. We get to hear about how cute they were as a baby, the embarrassing junior high years, and accomplishments they made as they became adults. What you also get to know is who the bride and groom are, the things they are passionate about and what holds their heart. Listening to Jenna and Mike’s speeches, I heard over and over again how much drive these two have. Not surprised, seeing as they are both well accomplished in their careers. I also got to hear their friends (many of them friends since they were children) share about the loyalty, care and encouragement they’ve received from the bride & groom. It goes to show what holds Jenna and Mike’s hearts.

Jenna & Mike, thank you so much for trusting us with your day! It was so wildly fun and beautiful! We’d do it all over <3



The Fort Garry Hotel


Brittany Mahood


Acadamy Florist

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