Julie & Jeremy

Julie and Jeremy have been together a long time. And I mean a long time! They first met as high schoolers from neighbouring rival towns. I also grew up in one of these towns and know exactly how big of a deal it was to date someone from the other town. However, despite the odds against them from the start, they made it - 10 years in total - to this day.

While I wasn’t there to film the day, looking through the footage and listening to their vows and speeches, I got a deeper understanding of their relationship. It’s one that is founded on solid friendship and fun. Watching them laugh during their vows was beautiful. They took that moment and made it theirs. The whole day looked like fun!

Fun Fact: Julie was the vet to do surgery on our little Eddie puppy before we got to take her home. In my opinion, that makes Julie & Jer a part of our family!



Keila Marie Photography

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