Marley & Louie

Marley grew up riding wagons in the Spirit Sands at Spruce Woods. She also grew up with Louie, from kids playing in campgrounds, to dating in highshool, and now 7 years later, saying I do in a place that held so many memories.

September 30th came with warm winds and an almost tangible anticipation from friends and family. Marley’s dad took the guests out to the dunes on the wagons, about a 15 minute scenic ride. In a little valley, Marley & Louie became husband and wife and added another incredible memory to the place that held so much already.

The best part of the day was when we got to take these two aside and capture their personal promises to each other. We got to see the depths of their love and commitment, and the breadth of their humour and wit. One moment they would laugh, and in the next breath tears would flow. The face of joy shows itself in many ways.

They are so perfect for each other and we had so much fun laughing with them all throughout their day. Thank you so much Marley & Louie for having us out, even if Louie needed a bit of convincing! All the best to you, and your cat child Bart!


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