Martina & Luc

Kayla was amazing! The best decision for our wedding day was getting her as our videographer. She was behind the scenes capturing all the special moments and you barely knew she was there :) it’s so special to look back on our film, there was many moments we forgot about throughout the chaos of the day, and it is amazing to relive them. We plan to watch this back every year on our anniversary, as if we already haven’t watched it 100 times over!!!!

It’s my goal to film a wedding in every province in Canada and Ontario was still on my to shoot list. I remember receiving Martina’s wedding inquiry for her July date in Ontario and my interest piqued. My email back to her told her that she was in luck as her wedding was the one weekend I had left available for that month! After a few emails and calls I saw something special in Martina & Luc’s story and I eagerly anticipated their wedding.

Martina & Luc got married on their own property and held their ceremony by the river. They met at the hospital - Martina is a nurse and Luc was a resident doctor at the time. The two of them found that they much in common and that they simply love spending time together. Any day together is a good day.

Martina & Luc - thank you for trusting me with your memories! I had so much fun being a part of your day and can’t thank you enough for the experience!


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