Mitch & Jolyn

Every year, we get a last minute inquiry from a couple whose wedding and story completely blows us away. Mitch and Jolyn filled that spot for us this year. These two are both kind, thoughtful individuals who, together as a couple, really exemplify a selfless kind of love.

Mitch and Jolyn got married in the small village of Bruxelles, Manitoba on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a cool day. Patches of snow slowly melted from the brief snowfall the night before. They had a catholic ceremony in the village church and then walked across the road to their yard where guests enjoyed a warm and cozy tent reception complete with a live band.

There were two moments in that day that really made us so thankful to be wedding videographers. Mitch and Jolyn didn’t have a chance to share personal vows during their ceremony, so we snuck away with them during the photo session to a little bed and breakfast to capture the exchange of vows. What a beautiful and intimate moment. Most couples don’t get to hold each other while promising a lifetime of love. All four of us cried. Love is beautiful.

The second moment involved the floating lanterns. Mitch actually planned this all as a surprise for his bride. She got to walk outside and see the skies lit up with the lights, just for her. It was an incredible experience to be in the midst of those lanterns, to watch them softly rise up in the night sky.

Mitch and Jolyn, we are beyond thankful that you called, even though it as last minute! Thank you for giving us such a beautiful love to capture. I am truly thankful for the opportunity.



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This is Love by Jake Etheridge feat Marie Hines

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