Teresa & Jamel

This day was an absolute dream to film. The weather was uncharacteristically warm for October, the sunlight saturated even deeper golden hues than usual as it shone through the yellowing leaves. And our couple, Teresa & Jamel, radiated joy and bliss as we spent the day celebrating them. True best friends and adventure buddies, it was an honour to capture this day as they stood in front of their closest friends and family.

My favourite part of the day was their ceremony. I loved seeing them exchange their vows. Through laughter, tears and teases, they committed themselves to each other. It felt like everyone present was a part of the process, matching their tears and laughter. A truly beautiful moment.

Thank you Teresa & Jamel for having us out. It was the perfect day and I’m so proud of how this film turned out. Shoutout to my sister-in-law Jen for helping me film this day and to Golden Hour for being so much fun to shoot with <3



Pembina Pines


Golden Hour


Rosa Del Lete by How Great Were The Robins and Never Stop by Tyler Brown Williams

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