Behind the Name

One of the most important pieces of a business is its name. It shapes its identity and sets the tone for how the business will be perceived. After almost a year of defining what I wanted my films to be known for, I found this name.

So why Rhyme & Rhythm?

The first thing I wanted people to think of when they thought about Rhyme & Rhythm was beauty; awe inspiring, artistic, real and raw beauty. The two words are most often a part of writing poetry. Rhythm is the pulse and rhyme is its echo. Without them, we have only prose. Ordinary words in ordinary form. But add rhyme and rhythm, and the prose comes alive. Words become poetry.

Isn’t in the same in marriage?

Each person has a deep well of giftings, personality, strengths and abilities. But we were not made to live alone. For although our wells are deep, our buckets empty from insecurity, weaknesses, shortcomings and failures. But the beautiful thing is, we end up finding someone whose own well compliments ours. They have strengths for our weaknesses and grace for our shortcomings. We draw from each other.

You are the rhyme to someone’s rhythm. Not just a team, or a partnership, but something truly more beautiful together than apart.

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