Berne & Janessa


This love story began at the beginning of another adventure. Berne and Janessa met as staff at School of the Kingdom. Berne immediately noticed Janessa, not only for her outer beauty, but also for the immense beauty her heart held as well. It didn’t take long for the two of them to start dating, and it didn’t take all that much longer for their dating to turn into an engagement!

What I admire most about Berne and Janessa is the way they have surrounded themselves with such supportive, honest and loving people. These same people have been there from day one of their relationship; encouraging, guiding and loving on Berne and Janessa. What a gift it is to have such close companions!

Berne and Janessa, keep on loving each other the way that you do! Brody and I cannot wait to see all the places God will take you and the ways he will use your story to uplift and encourage His people. We love you!



Winkler Mennonite Church


Steph Schulz Photography


Earth Buds Florist


I Get to Love You by Ruelle


Glo Makeup Studios

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