Brian & Madison

R&R was awesome to work with, and captured our day perfectly. Everything from the initial meeting to us receiving the end product was great. Kayla is very knowledgeable and personable, so whether she was asking us questions about what our vision was for the film in the pre-wedding meetings, or helping us with the "day of jitters" she was all around fabulous to work with. We can't thank R&R enough for their awesome work. The end product is something we'll definitely cherish and watch many times. Thank you!

At the end of his speech, Brian’s dad charged his son and new bride to “Keep on having those adventures”

Those final words spoken stuck with me throughout the rest of the night. Brian & Maddie have been together for quite some time and one of their shared interests is travelling which they try to do a lot of. While his dad may have only been referring to travelling, I think his words also speak to the journey of marriage and life together.

When you’re climbing up a mountain, it can sometimes feel like you’re never going to reach the top. It’s the same feeling when you feel caught up in living your normal day-to-day life. But when we can focus not on the moment, but on the goal, every day can be an adventure. There’s always something new to see, if not in your surroundings, then in yourself or your spouse. There’s always something new to learn, if not a new word in a foreign language, maybe in a better way to communicate honour and respect to those you love.

So I charge all of us, whether married or not, to keep on having those adventures <3



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