Deb & Bryce

Oh my gosh, Kayla words don’t even describe how well you captioned the day. We both are sitting here in tears watching it! We honestly cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us this summer! You saved our “big day” despite everything going on in the world right now. The video was absolutely perfect (especially if it can make Bryce shed some tears!). We knew we made the right decision choosing you and this just solidified our choice! Huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts from our family.

Deb & Bryce, like so many other 2020 couples, had to majorly change their wedding plans. While many had postponed, Deb & Bryce still wanted to get married on July 4, 2020. Deb called me, sounding discouraged and told me that instead of their 100+ guest wedding to be held near Saskatoon, that they planned to get married in a backyard here in Winnipeg. My heart just ached for them, knowing that most of their family and friends are in SK.

However, earlier in the day, my photographer friend Neffi and I had come up with a plan to offer Manitoba Destination wedding packages this year for couples who still wanted to get married, but wanted to make it special in a unique way. We chose to offer photo and video packages for weddings at Steep Rock and Spirit Sands. I brought this up to Deb, and almost instantly I could hear hope return to her voice. Steep Rock had been on her bucket list of places to visit and she loved the idea of having something unique. We decided to move ahead with a Micro Wedding at Steep Rock on their original wedding date.

The day came and we were blessed with perfect weather, amazing friends and family that were helpful and flexible, and a couple who was so laid back and flexible with last minute changes and ideas. It was an honour for Neffi and I to have been a part of such an intimate and beautiful celebration.

The best part is, I get to go with them to SK next year to film their Wedding 2.0! This is the first time I get a repeat customer and I’m excited that the friendship we have built will continue.


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