Will & Gabby

This wedding is close to my heart. Gabby is not only a friend, but also my husband’s cousin that he loves and cares for dearly. Will has been my brother’s best friend for as long as I can remember, I practically got to see him grow up. They got married on the yard that Ty and I got married on and being there that day brought so many emotions back. It was quite the day!

Gabby’s family has always been really close and her Dad has been known to deliver powerful and emotional speeches at past children’s weddings. I knew that the first look with dad was going to be special, but as I stood back and filmed from across the foyer, I knew those words he spoke, though I could barely make them out, were going to be a pivotal piece to the film.

Will & Gabby - you two are meant for each other. I love how both light up when you are together; smiles, laughter, teasing and fun. Bring that with you everywhere you go - the world needs more of that joy!



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