Dylan & Amanda

It’s such a treat to film a wedding of friends and family. Dylan & Amanda fall under both those categories. I first met Amanda at Dylan’s family’s cabin. She was laid back, easy to talk to and seemingly always laughing. Dylan lit up in her presence and I hoped to see them together again. And I did.

June 3rd blew us all away, and if it wasn’t because of how perfect the day was, the wind would have taken care of it. They got married at Kelburn Farm, a hidden secret venue boasting cedar framing and glass overhead doors. But even more spectacular than all of that was our couple, so so in love. We didn’t want the day to end.

Thank you Dylan & Amanda for allowing me the pleasure of filming such a fun and beautiful day! Love you both endless amounts!

Also, got to work with the dream team, Sharon Webb Events and Megan Steen Photography! Love both those ladies!



Kelburn Farms


Megan Steen


Falling by Oh Gravity

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