John & Monica


John & Monica’s story is like no other. After quite a long time of trying to be set up on a blind date, they finally caved and met at a Jet’s game. To say they hit it off would be an understatement. 3 dates later, Monica knew enough to say “I love you.” From there, the rest is history.

These two are a serious amount of fun. Story after story from their friends and family touched on their loyal, supportive, adventurous and just plain fun personalities. Something we noticed was the length in years of the friends they had. Many were still from highschool and some even earlier. That speaks volumes of John & Monica’s character and the value they place on people.It was an honour to film their wedding and be a part of such an amazing love story!



Manuel F Sousa


Steady by The Light, The Heat and Transformation III by Analog Heart

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