James & Bailey

Oh James and Bailey. I’m not sure how I could ever convey with words on a screen the amount of love, inspiration and joy I have for your wedding. But I’m still going to try. So here goes!

When I walked into that hotel room (of which I could pick out from down the hall, as you and your friends aren’t the most quiet) I was greeted with smiling bridesmaids, a loving mother and a bride who soaked in every part of the process. Maybe it was the new camera, or maybe it was because I know you well but I fell into a flow, and I didn’t want the day to end anymore than you did.

And then there was the ceremony; the two of you became one. How rare it is to have a couple look at each other the way you and James do. I saw you drink in every line of his vows to you, I saw him look deep into your soul and promise to forever cherish the heart it holds. From that point on, however, I could no longer see for it’s difficult to see through tears.

The tears didn’t stop. All throughout the editing they welled up as emotion ebbed and flowed, ebbed and flowed. My hope is that this film will forever stand as reminder and as an encouragement to you and James as you walk, run, stumble and fly in this journey. I love you two more than I could ever say, so I hope this film says it for me.

Love, Kayla


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