Jesse & Andy

I love love love these two together. Like sweet and salty or peanut butter and honey, Jesse and Andy complement each other so well. Jesse is a sweetheart, a dedicated friend and an Andy is lighthearted and a bit of a goof. When together, we see Andy’s sweet side and Jesse’s playful teasing. Their love is beautiful and fun to see.

They got married on hill with a breathtaking view of wheat fields ready for harvest. Once again, the rain stopped just in time for their ceremony. From a videographer viewpoint, the highlight of the day was their grand entrance when friends and family showered them with dried petals. It was a beautiful moment where everyone came together to quite literally pour their love onto the couple.

Jesse & Andy - thank you a million times for having me be a part of your day. I loved laughing with you all and felt so welcome by your friends and family!



Loutchan Farmyard


Marissa Naylor Photography


Our Time by Tim Halperin

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