Karly & Scott

It’s amazing!! Thank you so so so much!!!! So creative and caught all of the best moments!

Karly & Scott met over two decades ago, in a kindergarten classroom. We aren’t sure exactly how that first moment went, but as the years went on, the interest in each other only grew. It’s safe to say that their wedding day was a highly anticipated day for many of their friends and family.

August 10, 2019 finally came. On Scott & Karly’s yard, a white tent was pitched and a portion of a wheat field harvested. We were all nervously looking at the radar, well all of us excluding Karly, who was convinced the rain wouldn’t hold back her dream of having an outdoor ceremony. We waited out the storm, and in a light mist, these two tied the knot in the presence of their closest friends and family huddled under umbrellas and wrapped up in blankets. It was a beautiful moment full of celebration!

Thank you Karly & Scott for having us at your wedding! Also, thanks for being okay with me running around in a pink hoodie at the reception because my others clothes were wet! haha



Farm Yard


Jeanine Raquel Photography


Forever Starts Today by Tim Halperin

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