Shannon & Brad

Right from the beginning Kayla was so friendly and warm - we had an instant connection with her and felt like she just got us. From there on out every interaction we had with Kayla went so smoothly, she truly is a professional. On our wedding day both Kayla and Dale were so fantastic - both of them adding to the many smiles and laughs we shared. It felt like we had known them forever. What differs Rhyme and Rhythm films from everyone else is that each film is so unique and customized to the individual couple. Kayla puts in the time to get to know you and hear about your relationship and then somehow is able to put together the most perfect reflection of who you are as a couple into a 7 minute clip. This was certainly the case for us and we could not be more thrilled with the incredible work they did for us. Kayla and Dale, you guys are the best and we can’t thank you enough!

The biggest thing you will notice about Brad & Shannon is that these two smiled all day long. And not just pleasant smiles, these were full out “I’m freakin’ happy” smiles. I found myself with equally as big a grin on my face while editing this film. Joy is contagious.

I could write a lot about these two, but their family and friends do a really good job of telling their story in the film. Brad & Shannon also wrote amazing vows that give us just a glimpse into the depth of their friendship and love for one another.

Brad & Shannon - you guys are incredible, and spending the day with you was so fun! Thank you for being so effortlessly in love in front of a million cameras :)


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