Katie & Taylor

From beginning to end, working with Rhyme & Rhythm has been amazing. Before we even got engaged I knew from seeing their videos online, that I wanted R&R to tell our love story and help commemorate our special day. The morning after we got engaged I was on their website to contact them. It was my one “must have” for our wedding. My husband was hesitant at first but after seeing our feature film the first time he was in tears. He said he had to admit he was very happy we decided on hiring them. Kayla has been so professional from the start but still very much making you feel like a friend too. On our first meeting she dedicated an entire page in her notebook just to jot down ideas about us. And that focus really set the tone for the whole process. Kayla was focused on capturing our day and telling our story. She went above and beyond with every step making sure that we were always comfortable and helped anyway she could. They worked like a well oiled machine on our wedding day. Catching all the important moments and ones we didn’t even know would be important. Then crafted it beautifully together. I really can’t say enough good things about Rhyme & Rhythm. Thank you so much.

July 13th is a special day. It’s the day Katie was born, the day Taylor asked her to be his girlfriend, and the day these two became husband and wife.

I love looking back on a wedding day and seeing overarching themes or truths. For Katie & Taylor, it was clear to see that they love and honour others. Not only was their guest list an indication on this statement, but I noticed little things throughout sprinkled throughout their day.

Katie invited Taylor’s grandma, Shirley, to be the flower girl. She spent all day with us taking photos and Taylor proudly walked her down the aisle. Speeches given from childhood friends shared on loyalty and support received from these two. Families welcomed with words like, “it’s about time!” I left their wedding impacted by the legacy these two have already left and in their short quarter century on earth.

Katie & Taylor, thank you so much for having us at your wedding! It was an honour to be there. Keep on loving people like you do!



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