Shannon & James

Just under a year before this wedding, I woke up at 4:45am to skype with Shannon & James who were just getting ready for bed, as it was a little late in Australia already. They shared with me their plans to get married in Italy. I couldn’t believe it. Thanks to my girl, Megan Steen for sharing your clients with me.

June came and Tyler, my husband, and I packed some gear and flew to Italy to film the wedding of our new Australian friends. We had an amazing experience with Megan, Shannon & James and their friends and family. The day flew by and I’m sure I can speak for Megan as well that shooting in a new environment was fuel for our creative souls.

A bit of a background for you - the building shot at the beginning behind the title was where the couple got married. The room was apparently a closet for one of the past members of royalty. After the ceremony, we stopped at a local bar across the street for antipasto and some bubbly to celebrate. All the couple shots are taken just around the corner from this shop or back at the Masseria, a country estate, where the couple got ready and had their reception dinner and dance.

Shan & James, we can’t say enough good things about your wedding! Thank you SO much for trusting us with your day and believing in our work enough to fly us halfway across the world! Can’t wait to see you again!

Thinking of eloping? We are aaaall for that!


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