Kristen & Rodney

I am so glad we were recommended to Kayla for capturing our wedding day. Kayla was the most attentive vendor we had from start to finish, her and Dale were both amazing to work with. From the moment Kayla and I met, I knew I was in the hands of someone who cared about our day as much as we did. Before meeting her, I was on the fence about even hiring a videographer, and after the whole experience I will say that her work is overwhelmingly worth it. The films she produced show she is truly a talented artist, and watching them pulls us right back into our feelings that day in every moment. Kayla is kind, thoughtful, a great communicator, and extremely professional. Along with being incredibly easy to be around, she and Dale made us feel comfortable in front of the cameras, to the point we barely knew they were there. Our day felt like a fairy tale come true, and from the beginning I had no doubt in my mind that Kayla would tell our story so well. Now we have this amazing keepsake of not only the important moments, but a piece of art to pull us back into those moments and remember how our hearts actually felt that day. Kayla, you truly are talented to a point that it might be magic.

I hold this wedding close to my heart. To me, filming intimate weddings like this are a treasure. Warm light filtering through green-yellow leaves, a hidden location down in a valley and a couple that can’t take their eyes off each other.

Kristen & Rod are sweet, kind and full of gratitude. The journey that brought them to each other was not without heartbreak. It is that knowledge that made their day even sweeter to be a part of, knowing that they found steady companionship and true joy in one another.

Kristen & Rod - thank you so so much for having us be a part of your day. I’m beyond thankful to have had the honour to capture your day and your love.


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