Kristin & Sam

We truly cannot thank you enough for the beautiful wedding video. You captured the day perfectly from start to finish and portrayed the happy and loving vibes that we will forever cherish. Working with you was like working with friends, it was easy and comfortable right from our first conversation. Sam and I have watched the video so many times already, and could truly not love it more. Thank you for creating something that we are so proud of.

The more I think about it as I write this, the more Sam & Kristin’s wedding reminds me of that concert - you know, the one you anticipate for months seemingly on end. The day comes and you gather with others who, like you, are anticipating something momentous. That first note soars and the crowd roars back. You sing, you laugh, maybe even cry a little if you’re honest and leave with an exhausted body housing a soul on fire. That’s how I felt about this wedding.

Sam & Kristin are amazing, amazing people. Since they live in BC, we only got to meet over phonecalls and liking photos on Instagram. I appreciated how easy it was to talk to them, their ability to make quick decisions and their upbeat attitude despite being thrown multiple curveballs as 2020 did to all of us. Meeting them the day of their wedding was like meeting friends, and of friends, they have many. The reception was full of boisterous laughter as friends and family gathered to celebrate Sam & Kristin. This day was one of the most fun, beautiful and emotional days I’ve ever been a part of. So thank you, Kristin & Sam, for having us capture all these beautiful moments from your day. Couldn’t have asked for a better wedding <3

Also, we got to work with a dream team of vendors who made this wedding a freakin’ Masterpiece. Special shoutout to Andrea & Danielle from Soiree Events for making this so easy for us!



Linton Lodge


Brittany Mahood

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