Meghann & Troy

I first met Meghann & Troy in February, just half a year before their wedding. They were the last clients on my list to meet that Sunday afternoon. My husband was a trooper and patiently waited for me, listening to a podcast across the Starbucks. Living outside the city, we often try to double up on the trips in to make them worth while.

In walked Meghann & Troy and right away being in their presence made me feel comfortable and energized. We talked about their wedding, their story and ended up sharing a lot of laughs. Listening to them and watching them interact reminded me of my relationship with my husband, and I regretted not bringing him over to introduce him as we said, “see you in August!”

As with any couple getting married post March 2020 - their plans changed - but Meghann was determined to still make it special. An email came in reading, “Would you shoot our elopement in Banff?” and I immediately responded with “OF COURSE!” Tyler planned to come with as my second shooter and I once again regretted not introducing him in that Starbucks.

The weekend went by waaay too fast, but both Meghann & Troy’s family made a lasting impression on Ty and I. Their warmth and hospitality, and sharing of dog photos made us feel like we belonged right there. The day was perfect in every way and we flew home knowing we made new friends not just in Meghann & Troy, but with their families as well.

Meghann & Troy - thanks so much for being willing to take me along on this adventure with you. I’m so grateful! Can’t wait for our dogs to meet :)



The Banff Springs Hotel


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