Maddi & Josh


Absolutely incredible. Working with Kayla and Dale was so amazing. You made me and Josh feel so comfortable and make our special day even more special!! Thank you again so much!

I walked into Maddi’s parents house the morning of October 1st. Inside the girls were sitting by the kitchen table as the final touches of hair and makeup were done. As I set my gear down, Maddi’s dad heated me a bowl of grandma’s famous corn chowder. After what seemed like non stop weekends of weddings, being given that moment to stop and savour allowed me to truly see what was happening before me. A wedding. Two people promising their love and lives to each other. I felt alive; the room felt alive. They weren’t joking when they said grandma’s soup was really good!

Maddi & Josh are kind, joy-filled and generous. They have a deep appreciation for one another and the strengths they bring to the table. Above all, these two balance commitment and responsibility with adventure and tons of laughter. I felt very honoured to share the day with them and be trusted to film and photograph their wedding!


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