Michael & Nataliia

The Rhyme & Rhythm team was super helpful the day of the wedding. The end product was very creative and was delivered on time. We were very impressed with your work.

I never cease to be amazed by the ways lovers find each other. Some meet through mutual friends and some were friends before they paused to really see the person across from them. Some swept right. Some were highschool sweethearts and others found each other when they were least expecting it. For our couple, there paths might have never crossed if it wasn’t for a decision they both made. Michael, a Canadian and Nataliia, from Ukraine, both decided to travel. They met in China.

This film feels like a masterpiece to me. It is steeped with beauty, tradition and emotion. You may notice in their vows, the couple talks about “the first time” they made vows. You’ll also notice while meaningful, they are also lighthearted and practical. Our couple was already technically married, as they signed their marriage license in city hall during the pandemic. I’m so glad they got to still have a day surrounded by friends and family to celebrate their union. And what a day it was!



Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and Qualico Centre


Ariana Tennyson


Academy Florist

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