Tara & Devin

Tara and Devin grew up mere miles apart in Dauphin, but only met in their university years in Winnipeg. It’s crazy to think that their paths never crossed until they both ended up in Winnipeg. Love stories, I’m telling you, what a wonder they are!

There’s so much about this day, and about Tara and Devin, that I just love so much. I love how much joy they bring to those around them. Wherever they go, people light up. You’ll see it in their film. Even in our meeting a few months before the day, I felt noticeably lighter after spending an hour with them.

Tara & Devin’s friends and family know and love them well - they surprised our couple with a flash mob choreographed dance at the end of their reception which kicked off the rest of the night! It was so cool to see so many people come together to return the favour - to put a smile on Tara & Devin’s faces.

Tara & Devin - you are incredible and it was so awesome to have another Dauphin wedding without the travel! I hope you know how amazing your friends and family are and how loved you are.



Evergreen Village

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