Leah & Mason

I booked with Kayla very last minute and she exceeded our expectations on every level. She took the time to get to know us and asked excellent questions. She made sure to know which family members to cover in our film, what music we liked, and overall, what was important to us. We didn’t even know she was there during the ceremony. We are so thrilled with our film and will recommend her to everyone we know!

I got an email from Leah the week before her wedding inquiring if we had any availability for her day. Luckily I had had some changes in my schedule and her Friday wedding at one of my favourite venues would fit in quite nicely. While I initially thought it was lucky for Leah, I think I ended up the lucky one.

Leah & Mason had a beautiful wedding day; rich with love and emotion. They decided to do their first look at their ceremony but instead of the traditional way of the groom waiting at the end of the aisle for his bride, they decided to sneak in a first look before walking down the aisle together. I love the imagery of them walking down the aisle hand in hand to present themselves together as wanting to be married.

I won’t spoil too many other moments as you’ll get to see them in the film. You’ll understand why I feel I was the lucky one to be there <3



Whitetail Meadow


Camryn Harder

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